Both exhibitions received huge press coverage – television, radio, print and online.

All museums found John Thomson’s journey in Asia and the back story of the collection’s discovery compelling. For example press coverage via print medium for the opening exhibition in Beijing reached 11,672,500 in Beijing and across the nation. In Hong Kong where there were 91 clippings this exposure is valued at HK$3,042,225.

Articles in the UK appeared in the Times, the Independent, Daily Telegraph, BBC online. International press amongst many included Le Monde, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, China Daily, the Irish Times, American Photo.

Media in Scotland 2021

BBC Scotland

The Scotsman



Betty Yao on BBC World News, London, 26 April 2018

Betty Yao, speaking at The Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong, 8 January 2014

“The Works – John Thomson” RTHK, 3 December 2013





Betty Yao on the John Thomson Exhibition, 30 November 2011

Source: RTHK, Hong Kong Heritage Podcast




“A Sharp Eye on Everyday China” China Daily, April 2014

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“What Hong Kong Looked Like 150 Years Ago” Wall Street Journal, 20 November 2013

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